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Ammorbidente Neutralizzante
  • Ammorbidente Neutralizzante

Ammorbidente Neutralizzante

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Ammorbidente Neutraliante


Morbi Acid
Tanica da 20 Kg

Ammorbidente acido neutralizzante per sistema di dosaggio
Neutralizzante, deodorante, antistatico. Neutralizza l?alcalinita' del detergente. Ammorbidente e profumante, rende soffici e morbide le fibre migliorando il comfort degli indumenti.
Tessuti: Biancheria.
Risciaqualibilit: Ottima.

Afnor: validation of washing cycle

Products of Laundry Line Sepca have been strictly tested for 50 years by thousands of satisfied customers and, in addition, have been validated by a qualified laboratory according to the strict rules AFNOR that regulate this matter, so that they offer the guarantee and the needed tranquility as far as hygiene on washed linen is concerned.

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